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Product Description
 This product takes solar energy as power supply, so it can be charged at daytime and work at night. No exterior power supply is needed. It works safely, efficiently and no pollution occurs. A microcomputer is fixed to control the process of charging and turning on/off the lamp, it turns on automatically at night and turn off at daytime; no operator is required and it works steadily and reliably with a long-term use.   The exterior of the product is double-globe shaped. Light-transmittable shade and luminous source are closed in with round high-transparent organic glass shade, and a system of double luminous resources is adopted; main lamp and auxiliary lamp are both designed in one lamp. Main lamp starts working at dusk till midnight, and auxiliary lamp works till daytime and then switches off automatically. The entire light fixture full of modern air and practical value is the product with comparatively more favorable ratio of function and price.   Such products are mostly suitable for road lighting of public plazas, park, city sub-road, high-class residential district and the lighting and decoration of residence, villa and courtyard with the sense of modern environmental protection. Technical Parameters:   1. solar energy battery: imported monocrystalline silicon solar energy battery , power: 120Wp   2. working voltage: 12V.DC   3. Storage battery: highly reliable maintenance-free lead-acid storage battery, capacity 96AH   4. Lamp: main lamp: 40W ring lamp, auxiliary lamp: 10W LED lamp   5. Control system: ZY-403 special microcomputer intelligent controller.   6. applied temperature: -20℃─70℃   7. working hours: main lamp≥6-8 hours(optional at random), auxiliary lamp : till daytime.( main lamp can be designed to work corresponding to local sunshine time)   8. lamp height: 6m, 8m, ( special requirement is available)


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