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TP1 Series
TP1 Series

Product Description
TP 1 Series color light(ITEM#100-000002-00)is a kind of LED light sources module , which is designed for indoor and outdoor solid signboard lighting decoration by ABOUTSH- OW COLOR LIGHT CO., LTD.It uses the RGB LED light sources, and the ASL digital intelligent technology, mixing with the abundant changing color effects . TP 1 series color light projects a beam of symmetrical light at full angle,providi- ng an abundant imaginable space for the architects and lig- hting designers. TP 1 series have the small cubage and beautiful appe- arance.They are easy to be assembled and are applied to indoor and outdoor various signboard. TP 1 series are available in red , green or blue single color and three colorscompounding-form. All of them can match with the surroun dings mutually. technology directions Color range: 160,000 additive RGB colors; continuously variable intensity output range. [Just for TP1-RGB(ITEM#001-TP1-001)] Source: High brightness colored LEDs 3R 3B 3G (Just for TP1-RGB) High brightness colored LEDs 6pcs. (Just for TP1-R/G/B/Y/W) Beam angle: 20 ° or 120 ° Source life: 100,000 hours Housing: Stainless steel, The shell comes with anti-oxidation and ultraviolet protection. Control method: ASL signal or DMX512 (3CH) Power requirement: 24VDC Power consumption: 1.5 Watts Max. at full intensity (Just for TP1-RGB) 0.5 Watts Max. at full intensity (Just for TP1-R/G/B/Y/W) Environment: -20℃ ~ + 70℃ Measure: φ 38×16 (mm) (Just for 20 ° beam angle) φ 38×11 (mm) (Just for 120 ° beam angle) Weight: 0.185 kg. (Just for TP1-RGB 10pcs. per link) 0.165 kg. (Just for TP1-R/G/B 10pcs. per link)


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