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PW300 Power Box
PW300 Power Box

Product Description
PW300 intelligent power/signal supply is specially de- signed for ABOUTSHOW lighting fixtures, for example G series lighting also provides a robust 300W power source and high-speed signal ASL.ASL signal supplied from a DMX512 con- troller.This integration of power and signal simplifies wir- ing installation. Parallel DMX signal connection through DMX input-end and output-end.PW300 not only supply ASL signal for lighting, but also supply ASL signal for the next power sup- ply box,then to connect more lights between boxes.ASL signal input - end should connect in ASL signal IN ,and ASL signal output-end should connect in ASL OUT,“DMX/ASL”is a change signal bottom between DMX signal and ASL signal,this bottom should be turned on when the signal is DMX, and it should be turn off when the signal is ASL. PW300 can protect itself when the actually current more than rated current, it has a fuse in any end to protect circuit from incorrect wiring/installation . The maximal current is 3A in every output-end. The pilot lamp flashes red as it is working, it will turn off if there is something wrong. SPECIFICATIONS: Power supply: AC 110V±15%/220V±15% (50Hz); Input voltage: 24V DC; Output current: 12.5A; Conditions: -10—50 0 C Measure: 292 × 202 × 53 ( mm ) Weight: 2.750 kg Connecter: DMX signal IN (1: ground 2: signal in- 3: signal in+); DMX signal OUT (1: ground 2: signal in- 3: signal in+); ASL signal IN (1: ground 2: signal in- 3: signal in+); ASL signal OUT (1: ground 2: signal in- 3: signal in+); OUTPUT1-4 (1: ground 2: signal out- 3: signal out+ 4: signal in- 5: 24V 6: signal in+)


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