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LED floodlight6
LED floodlight6

Product Description
LED floodlight is the most popular focus in illumination industry at present. It is deeply popular with the advantages of long life, safety and environmental protection. LED floodlight produced by our company has received national patent( Patent number: 200620013006.3) and the variety is complete with power from 0.5w to 30w. Low-power ball bubble lamp and circular, square roof light suit for inner illumination, decoration and all kinds of luxury light accessories while big-power lamp more than 20w is suitable for road illumination and outdoor night lamp. LED floodlight has the advantages of gentle light, strong penetration ability and energy saving with power consummation only about 10% of traditional incandescent lamp, so it is the most front new-type energy-saving illumination product with social benefit at present. It will bring more benefit to country, society and users to use LED floodlight. Therefore, National Development and Planning Commission and Information Industrial Department advocated using LED floodlight comprehensively from now on. LED roof lamp series LED roof lamp has circular, square and rectangle type. Power is from 0.5w to 20w. With the advantages of high lightness, less power consummation, far illumination and long life, it is the most ideal new generate cold light source energy-saving lamp which is suit for long-time illumination ceiling decorating lamp in marketplace, hotel, restaurant, hospital and other work place, porch and public.


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