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LED hurdle lamp 7
LED hurdle lamp 7

Product Description
LED hurdle lamp uses high-lightness LED as light source, imported PC pipe material as outer cover. It is anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, dampproof and waterproof. It can make many light source cause color and dynamic change under driver instruction, which has longitudinal lamination scanning, guide, jump, mixed change and many kinds of change procedure. Light effects have homochromy, three-color, seven-color, three-section, six-section, nine-section and twelve-section switching cycle change, also may be programmed according to users’ demand. The maximum power per meter is 12w and the voltage is 12V; the diameter of PC pipe has: Φ50mm, Φ80mm and Φ110mm. The amount of LED has 108 grains,120 grains, 144 grains,150 grains and so on. Hurdle lamp is a kind of special-purpose lamp of edifice figure, bridge and other outdoor decorating lamp. With the advantage of florid color, uncommon vigor, brief installation, maintenance free, automatic control, operation free, energy saving and environmental protection, it is the main decorating lamp be used as night sight in city and brightening scene. The guard rail lamp for outdoors decoration and so on building outline, bridge special-purpose lamps and lanterns, the color gorgeous, the imposing manner is uncommon, the installment simple, exempts the maintenance, the automatic control, exempts the operation, the energy conservation, the environmental protection, is the city night the landscape, the bright beautiful scene main decorative lighting.


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