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Brief Introduction: GO-DS CENTRIC MIRROR GONIOPHOTOMETERS can measure all types of lighting sources and luminaires including lamps of all kinds, indoor and outdoor luminaires, roadway luminaires, and flood luminaires of all kinds with high accuracy. It can achieve CIE A-α,CIE B-β,CIE C-γ solutions with different software. IESNA files output and are compatible with international Universal Lighting Design Softwares, meet the requirements of CIE and IESNA standards. Characteristics & Specifications: Measure luminous intensity data, luminous intensity distribution, zonal luminous flux, luminaires efficiency, luminance distribution, coefficient of utilization, luminance limitation curves, glare, maximum ratio of distance to height, equal illuminance diagrams, curves of luminaires vs lighting area, Isocandela diagrams, efficient luminescence angle etc. By use of large reflecting mirror, the tested luminaires remains in its dedicatecl burning position. Photometer heads:CIE class A (standard class) accuracy, constant-temperatured, preamplified. It is a sole technology in China and much superior to 1 class detectors. By use of stable mechanical base and special transmission, the rotation is smooth and accurate. Test distance from 5m to 30m is adjustable to meet the measurement of all kinds of luminaires. The rotation can be controlled by the remote controller, Goniometer controller or computer. The adjustment of test distance(optical arm) is convenient. Equipped with photometric rail, it is specially good at measurements for various lamps in different conditions.


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