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Product Description
Brief Introduction: PF4000 can accurately perform the electrical measurement of a 10Hz~500kHz signals, it adopt such advanced technologies as PLL phase-locked technolgy, line filter, zero crossing filter, DSP high-speed sampling technology, signal real-time analysis etc. All the waveform and data are displayed on LCD, so it doesn't need a computer. 10Hz~500kHz wide frequendy-band BETTER high-frequeney accuracy POWER BASIC ACCURACY:0.2%@50khz Characteristics & Specifications: Allow to add an external muntual inductor to voltage or current input terminal. You can set PT ratio, CT ratio and power scaling factor respectively. Big LCD display. Electronic circle-limitless varistor. Normal measurement:Display Urms,Umean, Udc, Uac, Irms,Imean, Idc, Iac, P, S, Q, λ, Φ, Fu, Fi, U+pk, U-pk, I+pk, I-pk, CfU, CfI, FfU, Ffi, Z, Rs, Xs, Rp, Xp, Pc. Digital code type. Wh or Ah measurement:You can display the results of measurements with maximum resolution. You can also perform signed DC input data integration. Line filter and zero crossing filter:1MHz, 20kHz, 500Hz line filter to remove the noise from the inverter and distorted waveforms. DSP high-speed sampling technology for every kind of wave forms. Averaging function:One of the follwing two type can be selected:Exponential averaging or Moving averaging function can remove the fluctuation of the tested items. The number of averages and attenuation constant can be preset. Harmonic analysis function:Adopt advanced PLL phase-locked technology, perform accurately the harmonic analysys for 20Hz~6.4kHz signal. Saving function:Hard disk buit in, 8M/16M bits memory.


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