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5 Wires Belt Light
5 Wires Belt Light

Product Description

brief introduction:
5 wires belt light is one of the oldest form of decorative lighting,and it still
maintains its attraction today. this woderful light spot connected by the big-blub and the 5wires controller provides the viewer the sense of warmth and hospitality.It's ideal for the decoration of square and the high buildings.Many entertainment factilities and building exterior widely use this decorative light.

1.waterproof,perfect for exterior outlining decoration.
2.Briliant,great to appreciate form distance.
3.East to maintain.Can be cut or connected at any length.

Belt Light Accessories:
1.XB-S:Central vertical connectors
2.XB-M:Male connectors
3.XB-F:Female connectors
4.XB-6-C:Connector end cap
5.XB-6W:Wire end cap
6.XB-5:Mounting clip
7.XB-10FT:10 Feet extension belt
8.2XB-5:2 Wires mounting clip
9.2XB-6W:2 Wires Belt Light Wires end cap
10.XB-5FT:5Feet Extension Belt



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