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LED Holiday Light String
LED Holiday Light String

Product Description
Product Specifications:
Name: LED String Light
Voltage: AC 120V, 60Hz; Wattage:1.2-6.4W
String length:174~510(442CM~1296CM)
Ambient operating temperature:-40℃—+75℃
For outddor and indoor use.

How To Install LED String Light:
1.Careful handling is suggested when installing the LED String lights, make sure you do not cut or damage the cord insulatin.
2.When attaching the mounting clips,use nails or screws for wooden sufaces; and use screw anchors and screws for cement surfaces. Use appropriate clips to mount LED string lights into corners or place edges.
3.Use cable ties to attach LED shring lights onto fences,railings,trees or poles.

Hou To Extend String Light:
1.Turn off the power switch,or unplug the LED string light from the power line.
2.Connect the male connector of the extension string to the end female connector of the last LED string. Make sure the connectors are firmly connected and secured.

1.Do not exceed the maximum number of extensions.
2.The maximum total number of LED string lights connected together through end connectors is 30 strings. If there are more LED string lights to install, install them in one or more separate groups.
3.All units must be unplugged prior to adding any additional string lights.
4.Make sure all connections are tightly secured.
5.Before replacing a LED bulb, make sure to unplug the LED string. Never turn or twist the bulb, pull it straight out from the lamp-holder. When replacing the new bulb, grasp the lower part of the bulb and press it straight into the lamp-holder and make sure it plug in the right direction and be secured.



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