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SPR-960 Spectrofluorimetric System
SPR-960 Spectrofluorimetric System

Product Description

SPR-960 spectrofluorimetric system to measurement the 3D fluorescence spectrum , quantum efficiency , energy efficiency ,luminous efficiency, fluorescence chromaticity of LED phosphore. The phosphors can be excited by monochromatic light from 200nm to 800nm. With the information of  3D fluorescence spectrum, suitable phosphor   materials and LED chip can be chose to implement the best matching in luminous efficacy and color performance(Tc, Ra) for white LEDs.
◆Monochromatic excitation light: 350nm~800nm
  Or 200nm~800nm(optional)
◆Dispersion: double dispersion with C-T Grating and filters
◆Wavelength accuracy:0.2nm
◆Spectral width: 0.1nm, 1.0nm, 5.0nm
◆Reference detector: UV-VIS PMT
◆Fluorescence spectrum: 350nm~800nm or 200nm~800nm(optional)


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