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Light Source Lifetime/Switch Testing System
Light Source Lifetime/Switch Testing System

Product Description

According to the requirements of IEC 60969 and lifetime Energy Star, the system is used to test the lifetime and switch of CFL and compact LED. The whole system is controlled by PLC system. Switch times, on-off duration, cumulative duration, power of each lamp are real-time recorded by the system. The measurement supports pause and recover. The photometric and colorimetric parameters could be imported into the database to create on integrating lifetime report. Electric map of the software could simulate the whole laboratory to set the lamp racks, start measurement, pause,   recover and show the latest status of the lamp. 
◆Each lifetime rack contains 4 sets of lamp groups( Customized)
  Each switch rack contains 4 sets of lamp group
◆Each rack has an independent power source for ON/OFF, and double channels of convertible power inputs
◆Power supply voltage and current of each racks are monitored
◆Switching time: 0~10000000 cycles
◆Total time:0~10000000hours


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