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LED Luminaire Lifetime Testing System
LED Luminaire Lifetime Testing System

Product Description

According to the requirements of IESNA LM-80-2008, GB/T 24824, GB/T 24823, LB/T 001,the systems is used to aged sorting, reliable, and accelerated lifetime test for LED modules and LED luminaires. The system can monitor and record the photometric parameters, electrical parameters and shell temperature in real time, to test the thermal performance and lumen maintenance ratio.
◆Temperature range of test cabinet: 10℃~150℃
   Heating rate:1℃/min
◆Voltage output range: AC  0V~300.0V
                    DC  0V~80V(Optional)
◆Temperature measuring range:0℃~250℃
◆Multi-channels high temperature fibers for monitoring
◆Record the electrical parameters in real time
◆Record the decay data of the each group to calculate the lumen maintenance ratio and lifetime.


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