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Measuring System for Assessment of Optical Radiation Safety
Measuring System for Assessment of Optical Radiation Safety

Product Description

The system is designed especially for the determination of optical radiation hazard exposures specified in IEC62471, such as actinic UV hazard exposure for the skin and eye, near-UV exposure for the eye, retinal blue light hazard exposure, retinal thermal hazard exposure, thermal radiation hazard for eye and skin, for LED products, UV-Lamps, lighting sources, luminaires and etc. 
★Project leader of IEC 62471-4 Photobiological safety of  lamps and lamp systems: Measuring Methods.
★The drafter of all of the national standards on radiation safety of lamps and lamp system(e.g:GB/T 20145)
★Chairman of CIE TC2-73 “Measurement of Quantities relating to photobiological Safety of Lighting Products”
★Applied in many laboratories of  National quality Inspection agents and international certificated laboratoried. Top sales in the market
★ Awarded as “China LED Technology Innovation Award”
◆Actinic UV hazard
◆Near- UV hazard
◆Infrared radiation hazard for the eye
◆Thermal hazard for the skin
◆Retinal blue light hazard
◆Retinal thermal hazard
◆Angular subtense
◆Wavelength range 200nm to 1500nm(Optional to 3000nm)
◆Wavelength accuracy:0.2nm
◆Radiance geometry: optics simulating to human eye, with 7mm input aperture
◆Image radiance meter: 16bit scientific cooling CCD, 1600 x 1200 pixels
◆Temporal response:2μs
◆Field of viewing: 1.0mradto 110 mrad
◆Testing distance: 200mm to 8m


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