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Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror
Goniophotometer with Rotating Mirror

Product Description

There are three rotation axes in GMS-2000 goniophotometer. A precision reflecting mirror rotates around the horizontal axle and the tested luminaire rotates in the prescribed burning position and around the vertical axle, meanwhile, a synchronous axle will rotate toward the opposite direction synchronously. The combined motion of the luminaire and mirror permit light measurement at the direction of any horizontal or vertical angle without tilting the tested luminaire, therefore, the luminous intensity will be more stable. The photometer head located at a fixed position of the required photometric distance in front of the reflecting mirror to detect luminous intensity in each direction.
◆Burning point of working state of luminaire is constant during test.
◆Constant light beam and low stray light with eliminated by multiple long distance baffle.
◆The light beam perpendicularly incidents on the detector.
◆Airflow movements is less than 0.2m/s, which meets the requirement of CIE 121.
◆High accuracy detector and spectroradiometer, which meet the requirements of spatial non-uniformity of chromaticity in IES LM79-08
◆Win the Science Award of Goverment
◆Win the LED Innovation Award in China
◆Innovation product with more that five patents
◆Sales on top recent years
◆Thermostatic Photodetector,
 Fine V(λ), CIE-f1’ less than 1.5%(Combined with mirrors)
◆Photometric resolution:0.00001lx, 0.0001lx, 0.001lx(Optional)
◆Angle Accuracy: 0.1 degree
◆Driving Angle Resolution: y angle is 0.0016 degree
                        C angle is 0.03 degree
◆Dimension of  Mirror: 1.55m x 2.2m(Standard)
◆Max  capacity of test luminaries(Standard)
Power: AC/DC 600V/10A  x 6 lines
Weight: 50kg Dimension:1.6m
◆Motor driving diaphragm to eliminate stray light
◆Optional Types( Dimensions of test luminaires:
 L(2.0m), M(1.6m standard) , S(1.2m)
Typical Applications:
◆China National Lighting Fitting Quality Supervision & Testing Center(Shanghai)
◆China National Lighting Fitting Quality Supervision & Testing Center(Guangdong)
◆China National LED products Testing Center(Xiamen)
◆PHILIPS Asia Pacific R&D luminaire
◆TÜV SUD PSB Pte Ltd(Singapore)
◆Metal Industries Research & Development Center(Taiwan)


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