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SCD-2000 High Accuracy Spectroradiometer
SCD-2000 High Accuracy Spectroradiometer

Product Description

SCD-2000 is adopting the internationally advanced flat field holographic concave grating, milliseconds as the measurement speed and accuracy at laboratory, wide spectral range 280nm~900nm. The spectrum is provided by aberration corrected concave grating. No mirrors, the lowest value of stray light of any field spectrometer. It is widely applied in the quick measurement of spectral power distribution, CCT, chromaticity coordinates, dominant wavelength, peak wavelength, color tolerance, CRI, luminous flux, radiant power etc.
◆Spectral range: 280nm~900nm or 380nm~780nm(Optical)
◆Wavelength accuracy:±0.3nm
◆Stray light:0.2%(Test one time without separation) 
◆Digitizer(A/D):16 bit@2.5Mhz rate
◆Integration time:1ms to 65s
◆Chromaticity accuracy(x,y):0.001 
◆Chromaticity reproducibility:0.003
◆Detector:2048 pixel CCD, with Thermo-Electric Cooler(TEC)
 maintained at -10℃ and stabilized within 0.1℃ (Optional)
◆Grating device: holographic concave grating with aberration correction
◆Dynamic range: 200:1 with 6 decades
◆Order sorting filter: integrated band-filter
◆PC Interface: USB2.0
◆Fiber optic input: SMA905 0.22NA


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