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Prevent nearsigntedness light
Prevent nearsigntedness light

Product Description
Dengweida decoration lamp is a kind of professional nearsightedness preventive desk lamp,especially designed for people who usually read and write for a long term.Its main characteristic is able to avoid eye's fatigue.So,it has a special result on protecting the eyesight of pupils.The technology adopted mainly includes the following: (1)Glass filter plate,solely created in our country,was awarded a patent certificate of practical and new pattern issued by the National Bureau of Patent.It can make the shining of lamp light even and gentle,prevent ultraviolet ray from radiating,prevent eye dizziness,resist fatigue and has strong shading capability. (2)Make a series of electronic treatment on 50 Hz AC electricity signal and produce a high frequency stable signal of 50,000Hz.Driven by such a signal,the pipe of fluorescent will have a stable brightness without strobe. (3)Adopts three base-colour phosphor powder,and color temperature is 4500K,which is very similar to natural white ray(ray at 9:00 AM).Its service life is 8000 hours and the percentage of electricity-saving reaches 80%.Above functions thoroughly overcome the weakness of common desk lamp that easily causes eye's fatigue.If eyes don't get tired,of course,there is no nearsightedness.


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