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NEW! LED product revenue of$186 million

"LED lighting adoption continues to gain momentum and our near-term focus is on factory execution and capacity expansion," said Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and CEO.

LED maker Cree, Inc. has announced record revenue of $199.5 million for its second quarter of fiscal 2010, ended December 27, 2009. This represents a 35% increase compared to revenue of $147.6 million reported for the same period last year, and an 18% increase sequentially....


Global White LED Market:Japanese dominance challenged

130 years after Edison invented the light bulb, white LED into a revolutionary force in an assault This revolution is giving way to quiet a long time occurred in the field of lighting technology turned upside down.Although Japanese companies dominate the world before the white LED market, but Now U.S. and European companies are rapidly catching up. and the Japanese manufacturers and South Korea and Taiwan the gap between the industry is also shrinking the area of a large investment in the LED so that new competitors gold show amazing growth rate. Japan is full of hope LED area at risk, "iSuppli Japan, said the company's vice president of AkiraMinamikawa.He believes that the fate of the Japanese semiconductor industry variation is not decisive because of their actions...

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Lights Out for Tulsa Arena with Wybron Mechanical Dimmers

Christie Projectors at Brazilian Holiday Spectacular in Sao Paulo

LightDesign.at Awarded ESP Vision Distributorship for Middle, Eastern Europe

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Heng Zhi Guang Lighting Equipment Factory

Heng Zhi Guang Lighting Equipment Factory was established in Guangzhou, China, in 1997. We possess rich and vast experience in research and development. There are around 80 members in our factory, more than 25% of them are engineers who have more than 8 years’ experience for research and production. Our products are developed by highly qualified engineers and meet all the International Quality Standards (CE and RoHS). We have developed for 10 years, with three manufacture departments to produce LED light products, searchlight products and stage lights.

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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

providing thermal models for computing different LED designs as downloads. In addition to electrical, mechanical, and optical data, a compact model for Flotherm software is now permanently available at the URL listed below for calculating thermal behavior. Customers can find all the documents and the latest data needed for calculating thermal variables for different designs without building costly prototypes or carrying out time-consuming measurements. "This significantly shortens the design phases and drastically reduces development costs," said Joachim Reill, director LED applications engineering at the company. The data is available for standard high-power LEDs in the visible range, particularly for the DRAGON family, the Power TopLED range, the Advanced Power TopLED range, and some OSTAR variations.

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