No.11  16  Oct.  2008

American “337 Investigation” Continuation

  Retired professor Gertude Neumark Rothschild in American Colombian University considered his American Patent NO.5, 252, 499 was infringed, and applied for 337 investigation regarding shortwave LED, Laser Diodes, etc.. According to ITC in America on February 20th, 2008, more than 30 enterprises which produce similar products in the global market were litigated. ITC in America received complainant's litigation request to pull on record in due form and made an investigation on March 20th, 2008.
  499 Patent is full named broad band semiconductor with low double poles resistance rate and manufacturing method, which is of semiconductor extending developing shield. It was applied on August 15th, 2008 by Rothschild, authorized on October 12th, 1993, and expired on October 12th, 2010.


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