Global White LED Market: Japanese dominance challenged

130 years after Edison invented the light bulb, white LED into a revolutionary force in an assault This revolution is giving way to quiet a long time occurred in the field of lighting technology turned upside down.

  1. Although Japanese companies dominate the world before the white LED market, but Now U.S. and European companies are rapidly catching up. and the Japanese manufacturers and South Korea and Taiwan the gap between the industry is also shrinking the area of a large investment in the LED so that new competitors gold show amazing growth rate. Japan is full of hope LED area at risk, "iSuppli Japan, said the company's vice president of AkiraMinamikawa.He believes that the fate of the Japanese semiconductor industry variation is not decisive because of their actions...Read More

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NEW! Energy does not save money, we selected LED or conventional light

Led the industry in general, the present state of various ministries are in for the lighting of the gang led by the industry concerned, but is still drawing well is deep in thought of the industry in question.   meanwhile, the energy situation and the tension has by notice, all the electricity to the limit again and again. the response And about promoting led the voice is getting bigger. but markets are not by shouting slogans calling out, led by the universal and its cost. first application of the cost it led to the industry development. in industry and market led to a word to describe. "" don't save energy. energy led to the effect is well known, but the high cost of the interest of the owners was hurt deeply...

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2.Japanese dominance challenged Global White LED Market

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Feuxjo Dreamweaver TemplateHDL booster "Jilin Wu La" interpretation of large-scale real landscape lighting

Jilin Wu La" interpretation of large-scale real landscape lighting in the beautiful Plaza is located in the Songhua River, covering nearly 15 million square meters, hundreds of cast and crew involved.This is the following "Menghuitangzhao", "Impression West Lake" and other well-known theme development, the recent introduction of large-scale, light and strong interpretation of one of the activities."Jilin Wu La" Mission Hill east of the landscape is the background to the Songhua River as the scene is the city of Jilin City, more than 300 years history of theme parks.The outdoor landscape lighting field-scale performing arts in the country ranked seventh, with the stage movements and fluctuations in the overall dance machine, also has a large domestic first flying trapeze, large-scale lighting, advanced sound and water features, artificial waterfalls and green landscape .

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3.LED lamp LED light source followed by stir-fried "mad"

LED industry Prosperity
Semiconductor lighting industry needs to promote a gradual process, because technology is evolving, industry is growing, it should be gradually extended in the dynamic development is the right path, ...Read More  

2.Sony start the 200,000 light energy saving lamps

3.Kingsun developed LED lighting Smart Health

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