LED product revenue of $186 million

"LED lighting adoption continues to gain momentum and our near-term focus is on factory execution and capacity expansion," said Chuck Swoboda, Cree chairman and CEO.

  1. LED maker Cree, Inc. has announced record revenue of $199.5 million for its second quarter of fiscal 2010, ended December 27, 2009. This represents a 35% increase compared to revenue of $147.6 million reported for the same period last year, and an 18% increase sequentially....Read More

Business news

Cree demonstrates LED downlight for the residential market

Cree has unveiled a new downlight that produces warm-white light with high color-rendering and good efficiency. Cree LED Lighting demonstrated last week at the 2010 International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas a new 6-inch LED downlight designed for the residential market. Essentially, this is a redesigned and repurposed version of the company's original LR6 downlight, which Cree says has shipped more than 350,000 units to date. The downlight uses the same TrueWhite technology as Cree's other fixtures to deliver warm-white light (2700K) with high CRI of 90. The nominal light output is 575 lumens at an input power of 12W (around 48 lm/W).

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2.LED lamps and lanterns is promoting new light source for innovation and has become the third largest home industry

Products news

Philips LED seeks to replace 60W bulb

US-based Home Depot later this year plans to carry a Philips LED bulb designed as a replacement for the common 60W incandescent. The bulb, now called the 12W EnduraLED, will be available by the beginning of December and will cost between US$40 and US$50, representatives from Philips and Home Depot said. Home Depot started selling a line of LED bulbs under the EcoSmart label earlier this year, which includes both spotlights and general-lighting LEDs. The Philips bulb will likely be sold under a different name than 12W EnduraLED, Philips representative Silvie Casanova said. I have been using an early production version of the Philips bulb around my house for the last few days. At first blush, I'd say this is the sort of product that could finally help nudge out the beloved, if wasteful, incandescent bulb. I never thought I'd get excited about light bulbs before, but when I received the Philips EnduraLED 60W replacement, I was eager to try it out. For starters, the bulb has got a funky look. Rather than the familiar bulbous shape, the top looks like a crown with a flat top. It has three orange-yellow plastic "chambers" around the top and cast aluminum fins go down the sides to take away heat. And there's the familiar screw-in base.

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2.Epistar red LED chips set efficacy record in the lab

3.Outdoor Lighting: New Jersey utility nixes energy-saving LEDs

LED industry Prosperity
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Cleveland City Council members began asking pointed questions Monday about the fairness of a proposed deal to give a Chinese company the exclusive right to sell the city millions of dollars worth of LED lights in exchange for the company building its U.S. ...Read More  
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